Seattle Councilwoman Complains Of Police Response To Feces Thrown At House

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Alyssa Blakemore Contributor
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Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant criticized police Wednesday for failing to properly investigate several incidents of feces flung at her home.

The councilwoman cited six separate occasions where bags of “biohazardous waste” were thrown onto her lawn, according to Sawant’s letter cited by the Seattle Times. The most recent incident of flung feces occurred on October 13, KIRO 7 reported. Sawant complained that police would not send the fecal material to a lab for testing due to their “hazardous nature,” the letter stated. She further alleged that police have not thoroughly investigated the “disturbing incidents,” according to her letter. (RELATED: Over 200 Seattle Police Officers Quit In The Last Year, Citing Anti-Police Climate)

Sawant believes the attacks to be “politically motivated, given their targeted nature and repetition” KIRO 7quoted the city leader. The councilwoman further suggested that the incidents may be related to an e-mail her office received, in which she was called “queen of s***” and told to “sit on your throne of excrement,” the outlet reported. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) stated their commitment to follow new leads, but maintained there is insufficient evidence to classify the incidents as hate crime, according to an SPD statement cited by the Seattle Times.

“It is deeply unfortunate that the experience of so many working people and communities of color is severely biased policing, lack of support when needed or far worse,” Sawant concluded her letter to city officials cited by KIRO 7. A member of the Socialist Alternative Party, Sawant led a proposal in 2020 to defund the Seattle Police Department by at least 50%, KIRO 7 reported.

The Daily Caller reached out to Sawant’s office for comment on her position to defund the police, but received no immediate response.