Grown Women Cringe As Male Bimbette Cosplaying 15-Year-Old Girl Interviews Biden

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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President Joe Biden said Sunday that if Americans could spend more time around people like transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, they would be more comfortable with the transgender movement.

What a ridiculous sentiment. If only the issue was the world hasn’t seen enough of Mulvaney’s unflattering imitation of women. For the past 225 days, Mulvaney, who still refers to himself as Dylan, has documented his portrayal of the female experience on social media as a “journey to girlhood.”

After receiving backlash for his characterization of women on TikTok, Mulvaney explained in several videos that his female identity, which seems to jump between being an overtly sexualized teen to a ditzy valley girl depending on the video, is a way for him to relive his younger self. He even auditioned for a role of an actual teen girl, according to a video he posted April 14.

@dylanmulvaney DAY 3 of being a girl – BIMBO EDITION @chrissychlapecka #trans #bimbo #woman ♬ Barbie Girl – Lady Aqua

Mulvaney’s version of a woman is a cruel caricature of the female experience with the “personality” of a brain-dead “bimbo.” His post on Day 66, titled “nature girl,” showed him prancing around in a wooded area wearing a sports bra and biker shorts, with his hair in a half-up ponytail.

“Heels? They’re my hiking heels. I love ’em,” Mulvaney giggled in the video. “Bridges? Love ’em. Coconut water? Love it.” At one point, a bug flew near Mulvaney, and he frantically fell to the ground, hysterically flailing around.

@dylanmulvaney Day 66- a nature girl #trans ♬ Peer Gynt (Morning) – Various Artists

His potrayal of women as flighty and helpless further perpetuates the stereotypes the progressive left claims to hate. It is either that women are born with “girl boss” energy, ready to run the European Union — or they are weak, senseless animals who need men to explain their sex to them.

If women are “strong, female warriors,” then they deserve better than Biden allowing women’s issues to be discussed through a man’s voice – a man who, at best, seems to hate women and think they are dumb or, at worst, fetishizes the naiveté of most teenage girls.

In the fight for “transgender rights,” women bear the most significant casualties. Not only do female adolescents transition at a higher rate than any other demographic, but the girls who manage to avoid the craze are subjected to sexual assault and harassment in their school bathrooms.

Despite women needing a voice to advocate for the protection of their private bathrooms and locker rooms, Biden invited Mulvaney to the White House and doubled down on his support for men using women’s private spaces. “I feel very, very strongly that you should have every single solitary right, including use of your gender identity bathrooms in public,” Biden told Mulvaney in the NowThis interview Sunday.

The transgender movement means women’s spaces are now men’s spaces, and if women have a problem with that, well then, they are nothing more than anti-female bigots hiding internalized misogyny.

It wasn’t the first time Mulvaney stood in the place of an actual woman: Forbes invited him to present at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit in September. But Mulvaney speaking with Biden at the White House was different. By asking him to partake in the interview as a woman, Biden gave credence to the progressive narrative that anyone can be a woman, even if they were born a male.

Many Ulta Beauty customers were outraged after the company featured an October interview with Mulvaney in which he discussed his “journey to girlhood.” One Twitter user accused Mulvaney of committing “woman face” and “appropriating womanhood.” (RELATED: Fans Call For Boycott After Ulta Beauty’s Failed Transgender Podcast Ad)

Mulvaney didn’t grow up as a female because he was born a male. Nothing – no surgeries, makeovers or calls from the President — will change the objective reality that Dylan Mulvaney will never know what it means to be a woman.

No man ever could.

Only a woman can know what it means to feel the curse of a monthly menstrual cycle, the joy of first-time baby kicks, or the triumph of the perfect latch. Men serve society in other great and beautiful ways, but some things are kept just for women, as a promise from God that we belong in the order of the world.

A trans-movement that would have men speak for women erases that promise.