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StrideCharge, The Must-Have Versatile Phone Mount

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Are you sick and tired of having your phone run out of battery while exercising or riding your bike? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. The days of having to worry about your phone dying and leaving you stranded have come to an end.

The StrideCharge Bike Mount and Charger may contain the word “bike” in the name, but this exciting new accessory is far more than a bike mount; as a matter of fact, the StrideCharge is the ideal wireless charging companion for any number of outdoor adventures.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t need a battery charging case? In today’s fast-paced and pressure-packed society, being able to take calls and answer emails at the drop of a hat is paramount. So whether you’re a bike commuter going to work, a student riding to university, or a parent walking your child, the StrideCharge is one of the most versatile and practical phone case chargers on the market.

The StrideCharge case takes advantage of its innovative patent-pending design that lets you wirelessly charge your phone while on the go. Thousands of new products hit the market each year, but the StrideCharge is one of the few rare ones that catch the eye of the consumer and completely transform their respective niche.

In recent years, cycling has seen a boom in popularity, and with that, came the need to fill the void of cycling bike phone mounts. The team at StrideCharge are passionate life-long cyclists who set out to design and manufacture the best bike mount and charging case ever. And they’ve done just that.

The bike mount itself is made from high-quality materials that not only look great and provide a sleek and stylish finish but are also robust and durable. No fussing and fiddling around trying to lock your phone into the mount; simply turn to lock your phone in to place, and your phone is as “snug as a bug in a rug.”

The locking system is simple and works faultlessly every time, giving you peace of mind that your phone is secure and has no chance of coming loose and hitting the deck.

Many bike mounts on the market look the part, but unfortunately, more often than not, they “fall apart.” The StrideCharge team spent hundreds of hours testing and refining every detail and component of their bike mount and charging case. The result? One of the best and most exciting new products out there.

Spending time with family and friends has become increasingly important for many people. Many of us are now taking up outdoor activities like camping, hiking, bike packing, and golfing. Now while you should be spending time away from your phone during these times, it’s still essential that your phone battery is charged to the max just in case something should go wrong.

There’s no denying our phones are glued to our hips most of the day, and many of us wouldn’t be able to make a living without them. Our phones allow us to download GPS apps that help track our activities and let us explore new and exciting experiences. Unfortunately, many of these apps drain your battery even when they’re running in the background.

The StrideCharge case keeps your phone battery fully charged, meaning you can take as many videos and photos as you like without worrying about running out of battery.

There’s nothing worse than filming some stunning footage only to realize you’re out of battery; bummer!! Actually, there is something worse, much worse, and that’s losing your valuable ride data; Now none of your friends will believe you rode 100 miles!!

The StrideCharge is also the perfect companion for your next round of golf. When you consider a round of golf can take 5 hours, it’s easy to see how your battery might die. Many golfers use GPS apps to measure distances, and while these apps are invaluable, they come with a downside; they drain your battery. Another example of StrideCharge saving the day.

Other popular nature activities where StrideCharge is changing the game are hiking and trail running, parents who exercise with baby strollers, people who own boats , cycling and bike-packing, and family camping trips

When it’s all said and done, there’s no reason for anyone ever to run out of phone battery again. The StrideCharge bike mount and charging case have revolutionized the wireless charging game in a chic, stylish, durable, and affordable way.

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