CNN Analyst Says It Would Be Difficult For Dems To Make Comeback In House

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten said Monday on “CNN This Morning” that it would be difficult for Democrats to make a comeback in the House after they retained control of the Senate.

“We’re not there yet where we can project a Republican win in the United States House of Representatives. So let’s go through the math and give you an understanding why it can be potentially difficult for Republicans to lose that lead and Democrats to kind of come back.”

Enten then pointed to California’s 13th district and said the Democratic contender is short just 84 votes, which makes that district an “easy type of district.”

“But then it gets harder from there. To California’s 22nd District, the Republican is up by 5 percentage points. On Friday it was 8 percentage points.”

Enten then shifted focus to Arizona. (RELATED: Famous Dem Strategist James Carville Says Party Should Have Lost 57 Seats But Were Saved By Trump)

“Let’s get to Arizona, why it’s difficult for Democrats to make up the ground they need to in order to make up the House. You can see the incumbent is ahead. You can see there’s 96% of the estimated vote in,” Enten said.

“It’s not just about Democrats gaining back, it’s about holding leads they currently have.”

The New York Times (NYT) projects Republicans have several ways to 218, such as in California’s 27th and 45th districts.Republicans are also ahead and gaining votes in the states 3rd and 41st district, according to the NYT. Arizona’s 1st congressional district also reportedly looks promising.

Meanwhile in Colorado’s 3rd district and New York’s 22nd district Republicans are ahead and there are few votes left to be tallied, according to the NYT.