How Is Mike Tyson Still Conscious In This Wild Montage With Graham Hancock?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Back in July, Mike Tyson seemingly got so high while chatting with journalist and scientific anarchist-rockstar Graham Hancock it’s hard to understand how he remained conscious throughout the entire conversation.

An internet content genius clipped the entire interview from Relevnt, who brought the former heavyweight boxing champion and writer-researcher together to do a deep dive into the ancient mysteries from humanity. Whether you watch the clipped version of the full episode, beware: the content is so creative and captivating that you might end up feeling high through osmosis as these two legends indulge in way more than just Tyson’s renowned cannabis crops.

Hancock is one of the most popular podcast guests at this moment in time, not just because his new Netflix series “Ancient Apocalypse” is probably the best docuseries to be released in years, but because his subject matter is simply magical.

I think Hancock’s appeal is heavily derived from his ability to question the very nature of our collective existence and seek-out a more holistic and healthy relationship between our species and those we share the planet with.

Young people are so inherently disenfranchised with what our recent ancestors created in this version of civilization, and yet we’re constantly terrified of it ending. Hancock is one of the only “grown ups” who validates these concerns without mocking us or going down the route of hysterical virtue signaling. (RELATED: ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ Is Revolutionary, Beautiful, A True Must-See Series)

Basically, he’s the dad most people dream of having (though he’s technically a grandfather). It’s easy to feel safe and calm as he speaks, despite the apocalyptic nature of his conversation. Tyson clearly felt comfortable enough to let down every single one of his guards during this conversation.

Neither Hancock nor Tyson has ever shied away from talking about their recreational and therapeutic drug use, but the extent to which these two inherently demographically juxtaposed men fall in love as they indulge is probably the most adorable thing you’ll see all year. Or, it’s the best anti-drugs campaign video you’ll ever witness. You decide! Freedom!