Arizona Woman Says Company Sneakily Dumped Huge Pile Of Mulch On Her Driveway Amid Dispute Over Payment

Screenshot from KTVK website

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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A tree trimming company allegedly dumped a huge pile of mulch onto an elderly Arizona woman’s driveway after a payment dispute reportedly escalated into sabotage.

The company “Trees For Needs” purportedly dropped a one-ton pile of mulch onto 88-year-old Phoenix, Arizona, resident Pat Harrison’s driveway after she refuse to pay the remaining three-quarters of a $400 bill for trimming one of her trees, local news station KTVK reported Thursday.

Harrison claims that a $400 fine for what reportedly came down to 15 minutes of work was excessive, especially considering only one worker allegedly did the trimming. “Three [workers] didn’t do a darn thing except load up a couple of trees and go into their truck,” she told the outlet. (RELATED: REPORT: Driver Aims Gun At Man During Road Rage Incident, Turns Out It’s An Undercover Cop)

“On Your Side,” an investigative group within KTVK that helps local residents solve problems, contacted Moon Valley Nurseries, a landscaping company, which agreed to remove the entire mulch pile for free, the outlet noted. “It’s awesome to be able to have the opportunity to take care of this for her and to relieve that stress,” Luke Kelawasky of Moon Valley Nurseries told the outlet.

The Trees For Need company owner justified the dump, saying, “We didn’t do it in the dead of night, or stealth in [any way]. We placed it in broad daylight in her driveway, just as we advised her three times we would do.”

“We told her that she still owes the money,” he told On Your Side.