School Board President Accused Of Inviting High School Choir To ‘Adult’ Party At His Home

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A California school district board president resigned Saturday after allegations surfaced that he paid high school choir students to perform at his residence for an “adult party” that included a “dirty Santa.”

Steven Llanusa of Claremont Unified School District in Los Angeles County invited a high school choir to perform at his home, where the students were allegedly encouraged to take part in the food and festivities, including alcoholic beverages, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Parent Gabriel Lozano told NBC 4 Los Angeles that upon arrival, choir members were “shuffled into the garage” where they were allegedly told they would not perform for another hour . The students were then “encouraged, highly encouraged by half-naked men and the adults there, Llanusa included, to mingle with these people,” Lozano added.

“They were offered an open bar and to socialize with the half-naked men, the dirty Santa that offered and made disgusting comments to our children,” he continued.

His allegations echo those of Sabrina Ho, another parent who told the Claremont School Board that students were “offered alcohol by party guests among inappropriately dressed adult entertainers,” according to CBS Los Angeles.

“The CHS chamber singers present on Saturday evening were subjected to an environment that broke countless district and ED code rules at the invitation of a school board member. Sadly, there is no apology that can help our kids un-see or un-feel the events that took place in his home,” Ho told the school board at a special session on Friday, per NBC Los Angeles. (RELATED: Teacher, Husband Both Lose Their Jobs After Recording OnlyFans Content In Classroom)

“We are appalled by the allegations, which are understandably causing distraction, disruption and pain, as expressed in community members’ messages to the Board and Superintendent. Please know that we receive and read your messages, and we take your concerns very seriously,” the Claremont Unified School District said in a press release Friday.

“Though the board cannot require Mr. Llanusa’s resignation, we encourage him to do so in order to begin the process of healing and returning our focus to students and their well-being,” they added.

Llanusa resigned his post the following day, having served on the CUSD Board of Education since 2005, the Claremont Courier reported.