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The Top 10 Virtual Assistant Companies

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The rise of virtual assistants and companies that provide this service has grown exponentially over the last few years. With the number of people remotely working higher than ever thanks to the shifts in working expectations brought on by the pandemic, it’s no longer necessary to have everyone in the same physical space to get things done.

Entrepreneurs and those who are self-employed have recognized this for a long time and, indeed, many have taken up offering the services of a virtual assistant (VA) in order to create their own income, but when it comes to sourcing a reliable and high-quality asset to your business, how do you know which to go for?

Virtual assistants can help remove some of the stresses from your business or role within a company. From scheduling, taking care of administrative tasks, and planning, to managing social media or looking after aspects of your account, VAs are here to handle the time-consuming, often repetitive work, that takes you away from focusing on the bigger picture.

In this article, we reveal our top 10 companies offering virtual assistant services – the pros, cons, and reasons you might love them for your business.

The Best 10 Virtual Assistant Companies 2023

  1. Best in all categories: Remote Coworker
  2. Best for US-Based Assistants: Time etc
  3. Specialized Services for Websites: Belay
  4. Best for Teams or Big Operations: Prialto
  5. Best for Tech Support: WoodBows
  6. Best for Rush Projects: Magic
  7. Best for One-Off Project Needs: Fancy Hands
  8. Best for Small Projects: Taskbullet
  9. Best for Speed: FreeUp
  10. Best for Solopreneurs: Fiverr


  1. Remote Coworker: Best Overall

Providing a full range of VA tasks and projects, Remote Coworker ranks highest in our round-up of the best outsourcing virtual assistant companies for 2023. The reason for the top spot is Remote CoWorker’s level of expertise, variety of services, and reasonable prices.

Remote Coworker offers some incredible specialized outsourcing support, for example within the property industry, as well as highly trained multi-disciplined VAs for more broad support.



Remote Coworker prides itself on being an affordable option while offering you the very best in VA talent. Starting from as little as $6.99 per hour, their pricing really can’t be beaten.


  1. Time etc: Best for US-Based Assistants

Time Etc is an online virtual assistant company that offers to pair you with experienced US-based virtual assistants. Promising to make the process of finding an assistant easy and affordable, they claim to only work with the top 2% of virtual assistants in the US.

They are also proud to advertise their affiliation with Ms. Penni Pike who used to work with Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin group of companies. As a special advisor, she has tailored their standard to ensure that the best candidates are picked to then be offered to prospective clients.



Starts from $36 for the 10-hour plan to $33 for 60 hours


  1. Belay: Specialized Services for Websites

As well as offering a full range of VA services, Belay is unique in offering a selection of assistants who are technically specialized in helping with your website. Web redesign and upkeep are tasks that are always on the to-do list but never quite get done, thanks to more pressing aspects of business progression.


However, having a website that works well and is optimized for user experience is something that could take your business to the next level. This is where Belay comes in. By leaving the upgrades, content creation, and general website maintenance to the professionals, you can get on with doing what you do best, knowing it’s all being taken care of.



Belay’s pricing is kept relatively hidden until you go through the process of speaking with a sales representative, which can make it difficult when weighing up the best option for you and your needs. The onboarding process is also one of the lengthier from the large range of options we’ve reviewed for this article, which can be a drawback if you’re looking for help quickly.


  1. Prialto: Best for Teams or Big Operations


With a really clear structure of how to work with Prialto, in particular, if you’re a big team or business, it’s easy to get started and understand how to work with them. They have a team of primary agents as well as secondary agents ready to go should there be incidents of sickness or absence – which means you’ll never be without the help you’ve paid for.


With a focus on sales, operations, and admin support, Prialto can take the load off your hard-working team so that they can focus on the revenue-driving tasks instead.



The pricing entirely depends on your needs and can easily be scaled up and down with Prialto. However, the base package starts at a high $1350 per month for 55 hours, making it the most expensive on our list, which is why it’s targeted at bigger operations.


  1. WoodBows: Best for Tech Support

WoodBows has an entire offering focused on developing apps, software development, and web design, which means they’re experts in helping you grow your tech company.With workers in the USA, the Philippines, and India, they have assistants ready to help you grow and support your business.



For 40 hours the pricing starts at $599 per month which, while at the higher end of our list, isn’t the most expensive. If you’re serious about scaling your tech company and looking for the right fit, then this might be the choice for you.


With a growing number of virtual assistant companies offering a range of services, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. The round-up provided in this article will help you find the right fit so you can start outsourcing parts of your business to allow time for growth and development on bigger projects.


  1. Magic: Best for Rush Projects

While FreeUp is great for speed overall, Magic is awesome when it comes to completing specific projects quickly. It’s easy to add, remove or change assistants when working with Magic, so you can guarantee the right number of people working on your project at any time.

From researching, data-collecting, and analyzing for your project, to following up on sources, document writing, and creating presentations, Magic will get your work done quickly.



Magic offers 3 tiers of pricing starting from the basic package of one assistant, to the middle package where you get to choose from the top 1% of assistants to a Teams package at the higher end. Like with Belay, the pricing isn’t shared until you liaise with someone from the Magic team, so it’s less transparent overall.


  1. Fancy Hands: Best for One-Off Project Needs

If you aren’t looking for ongoing support but instead need extra help with a particular project or a busy time of year, then Fancy Hands is a great option to help you scale up or down as needed. You can choose from a dedicated assistant or a one-off contract and they also have a unique feature of offering the ability to roll over unused requests so you never lose out on potential work you’ve paid for.


They also have multiple ways you can place your requests; over the phone, by email, text, web or through apps, making it really easy and quick to use.



With a slightly more complicated structure than some of the other choices on this list, Fancy Hands offers pricing dependent on how many requests you will make per month, which means some forward planning is needed.


They base their pricing structure on how many requests you will have, with each request being up to 20 minutes of work. So, if you have a big project that’s going to take a long time, the pricing will start to add up. This structure does, however, make it a great choice for those one-off support requests.


It’s also worth noting that this is a monthly fee and your rolled-over requests are only valid as long as you’re a member, so if you are wanting to stop your subscription but have some unused requests, you’ll want to use them up beforehand.


  1. Taskbullet – Best for Small Projects

With a clear focus on customer service, real estate, data entry, and admin support TaskBullet offers Filipino virtual assistants to prospective clients. TaskBullet’s CEO realized that there was a large untapped pool of extremely educated and very competent workers in the Philippines who were without career opportunities when he started the idea that became TaskBullet. Today they offer virtual assistant services using “buckets” which clients can purchase. The buckets are good for 3 months, with no contract with a 60-day money back guarantee on unused hours. The bigger buckets you buy the less per hour rate you are paying for their service.




Free trial to $11 per hour for their smallest bucket


  1. FreeUp: Best for Speed

If speed is your number one priority, then FreeUp is a great choice to get a VA quickly. With claims to be able to set you up with your perfect VA within 24 hours, you can’t go wrong when extra support skyrockets to the top of your to-do list.


With everything from general admin to customer support and even help managing your Amazon shop, FreeUp will help you get where you want to be quick.



There are three tiers of support available from FreeUp with the base level starting at just $5 per hour. That’s access to talented and highly trained assistants for as much as a cup of coffee!


  1. Fiverr: Best For Solopreneurs

is an online platform that gives individuals the opportunity to share their services with the world. Whether you need a virtual assistant or an entire book written, there’s something for everyone. When it comes to looking for help for your small business in terms of admin and processes, Fiverr is a reliable choice to go for.

You talk directly with the person who will be providing your services, rather than a manager with a team of VAs waiting to go. This means you can find the right person for you and your business easily and ensure a good working relationship. Fiverr has recently added the option of video calling with gig owners to ensure a personal working relationship.


Varies $-$$$$

The price for VAs on Fiverr can vary drastically. Look out for people’s ‘levels’ to indicate how long they’ve been doing it and how many reviews they’ve got to decide whether their gig price seems worth it to you. There are some really affordable options on Fiverr and it’s always worth giving someone new to the platform a go if you’re tight on money.

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