Did Mike Lindell Pass The MyPillow Blind Test?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The Daily Caller sent Noah Pincus to Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest conference in mid-December to see if billionaire Mike Lindell could tell the difference between his world famous MyPillow and another, cheaper model.

Watch the full video here, and scroll down for more information on the MyPillow blind test.

Pincus didn’t limit his line of questioning to the Pillow King. Turning Point president Charlie Kirk took up the challenge, as did Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. Even Kyle Rittenhouse took part. A few folks couldn’t quite distinguish between the MyPillow and generic hotel brand, leading to minimal embarrassment and maximum laughs throughout the video.

Of course, the icon of the video was Lindell himself. He didn’t flinch when offered the challenge of picking out which pillow was his own and which had come directly from Pincus’ hotel room. Even his enormous security detail seemed excited for the challenge!

At first, it seemed like Lindell thought the Daily Caller was trying to prank him, asking if Pincus was sure that one of the pillows was in fact a MyPillow, but seconds later he had his decision. (RELATED: Heretics From History Forecasted The Apocalypse For 2023)

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