EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Firearms Trainer Leon Spears Breaks Down The Best Viral Cop Videos

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Law enforcement instructor Leon Spears reacted to footage of a suspect getting into a physical altercation with police as he resisted arrest.

Police body camera footage showed an officer confronting a man who had allegedly moved a traffic cone. The suspect attempted to walk away, leading the officer to follow him and order him to communicate.

The officer grabbed the suspect’s arms as he attempted to back away, the footage shows. The officer then walked the suspect back over to the police car.

“Stop resisting,” the officer said.

“You don’t want to do this,” the suspect responded.


A different man who wasn’t wearing a uniform came up from behind the suspect and assisted the first officer in grabbing the suspect’s hands as he resisted arrest. The man and the officer rushed toward the suspect and pinned him against the hood of the vehicle. (RELATED: BODYCAM BREAKDOWN: Police Trainer Tackles Viral Crime Videos In New Daily Caller Show)

The second man urged the officer to tase the suspect, but the suspect kicked the taser out of the officer’s hand as he pulled it out.

“There are so many problems,” Spears said, watching the footage. “Number one, I’m assuming this other gentleman that walks up is a police officer, but that would still be a bad assumption, because he doesn’t have any insignias. And then the officer seems comfortable with him, but he then decides to command the officer to tase the young man, and so the suspect kicks the taser out of the uniformed officer’s hand and decides to try to use the taser, but then he tases himself.”

“The hold around the guy’s neck is also a problem,” Spears continued, speaking about how the second man had grabbed the suspect.

More officers arrived and brought the man to the ground, followed by those on duty handcuffing him. The suspect yelled out accusations that the officers were hurting him. The man without a uniform could be seen sitting on the suspect’s chest.

Spears said an officer needs to be “mindful” that a suspect is susceptible to losing consciousness or the ability to breathe from this form of force.

“We don’t know how much pressure the other officers are putting on [the suspect’s] chest, and so you always want to be mindful that somebody could really lose consciousness if they cannot breathe in a short period of time,” Spears said. “But, again, maybe he has a mental illness, maybe he is under the influences [sic] of drugs or alcohol, we don’t know. But make sure that you take somebody out of position of asphyxia. That is very dangerous.”

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