WWE Announces Return Of Vince McMahon After Five-Month Retirement Stint

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Seth Roy Contributor
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WWE owner Vince McMahon will be returning to the board of directors after a five-month retirement stint.

“Today, we announce that the founder of WWE, Vince McMahon, will be returning to the Board,” said Chairwoman and Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, Chief Content Officer Paul (Triple H) Levesque and Co-CEO Nick Khan, in a press release Friday.

The board of directors are looking to pursue a sale of the wrestling company as well, according to the statement.

“Together, we look forward to exploring all strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value,” the board wrote.

McMahon declared his retirement from the company back in July after being accused of sexual misconduct. ESPN reported that McMahon allegedly demoted a former female WWE employee in 2005 and refused to renew her contract after she resisted alleged sexual advances from him.

I must admit, McMahon’s return to WWE does not shock me at all. I envision McMahon being the type of person who just physically cannot stayed retired without having an itch to get up and go to work. I believe McMahon just loves the crazy world of professional wrestling too much to continue to watch it from the sidelines. (RELATED: REPORT: Former NFL Star Peyton Hillis In ICU After Saving His Kids From Drowning)

It will be interesting to see if the WWE will place him on television after his sexual misconduct accusation over the summer, but then again, it’s WWE and nothing is ever off the table.

WWE is well known for pushing the envelope and doing crazy stuff. The wrestling league once organized a ladder match ostensibly for the custody of a child. It also had wrestlers fist fight in the middle of a grocery store and featured people being thrown off tall cages, all for the sake of entertainment.

Nothing that McMahon or this company does surprises me anymore. So if McMahon were to show up for RAW on Monday night, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.