FARACI: Conservatives Can Make 2023 Their Year — Here’s How

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Matthew Faraci Contributor
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We live in exceptionally challenging times — and at times like this, truth is our lifeline. 

Truth puts wind in our sails, soberness in our hearts, sanity in our minds, and offers hope that we can win the future. And in 2022, despite the failed “red wave” in the midterms, conservatives scored some important victories. Most of all conservative media had a banner year, despite being heavily censored. 

We can keep this encouraging trend going … just as long as truth-driven media continues to embrace rapid change and remains nimble. 

Why is there so much opportunity? 

According to Gallup, only 34% of Americans trust the mass media to report the news “fully, accurately and fairly”, and polls consistently show that Americans of all political stripes don’t trust them. As the corporate media continues to alienate more Americans, the exodus to alternative platforms will continue. 

The reality of this is evidenced by the explosive growth of this venerable outlet and a whole slew of others who are changing the game. Counter corporate voices are also dominating in the surging Podcast/YouTube space. Power-packed players like Tim Pool, The Babylon Bee, Adam Carolla, and Megyn Kelly are all creating their own content their own way, and impacting culture.

It’s a thrilling time to be in the media business. Independent journalism has come so far, so fast. 

In a short window of time we saw the birth of Fox News Channel, the advent of conservative radio led by the legendary Rush Limbaugh, and of course Matt Drudge. The Drudge Report flourished in an era that then generated the first, and now second, coming of podcasts, the rise of the blogosphere, followed by the creation of digital platforms starting with the Daily Caller and the growth of social media. 

So much, so fast. Put this in perspective. 

Five years ago, how many people knew about Newsmax? Today, it’s the fourth largest cable channel in America. 

News has become decentralized, and has changed the industry. And now this revolution and decentralization in media is also expanding to entertainment–where it’s disrupting Hollywood’s long-held monopoly. As with corporate media, research consistently shows that a vast group of Americans are strongly and consistently dissatisfied with what they get from Hollywood, and want something that speaks to them on a deeper level. 

And it was that very audience — rather than corporate high-rollers — who led the entertainment revolution. 

A few short years ago, a group called Angel Studios decided to bet the farm on the idea that empowering thousands of everyday families to crowd-invest in the shows they really wanted to see had the potential to upend the Hollywood model. 

Thus, The Chosen was born. And with it, the new model. 

Emerging as the #1 crowdfunded media project in history, Angel’s original series is now a global phenomenon. And, with a group of other hit shows like Tuttle Twins and Dry Bar Comedy, they’ve proven that the crowdfunding model is the future. 

We know change is possible because we see it all around us. So, as we look to 2023, how can we keep it going? 

First, innovators need to build their own independent digital infrastructures, and really lean into furthering an ecosystem driven by fans who support them. While watching Elon Musk’s tenure at Twitter has been exciting, the release of the Twitter Files shows how easily the powerful can put their finger on the scale and hide content and news they don’t like. 

Second, they also need to be making sure the marketing of the content is done with the same excellence as the content they’re creating. Outlets have to earn every single reader, listener, or viewer in an environment that favors only those who are committed to making real sacrifices day-in and day-out to earn that. Stop relying on Facebook ads and figure something else out. 

Third, collaboration needs to start happening. For example, events and conferences have come roaring back after the lockdowns. Add to that all the new outlets and faces that have sprung on the scene over the last three years, and events like the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, CPAC, Freedom Fest, NatCon, and the Faith & Freedom Conference offer opportunities to create new collaborations and endeavors. 

Stop thinking about that next vacation. 

It’s time to quit complaining, roll up our sleeves and be ready for decades of tireless work in reporting on truth, and sharing stories pointing to truth. Just as Americans are looking to themselves instead of to Washington, it’s time for conservative media to look inward rather than towards the big corporate players of old.

That is our way out of this mess. 

After all, we’re not doing this for us, we are doing it for our posterity. 


Matthew Faraci is founder and president of Inspire Buzz and Gideon 300 and was a co-founder and executive producer of the award-winning Angel Studios orignial TV series The Chosen. He currently produces The Tuttle Twins, the #1 crowdfunded kids’ project of its time. His work in conservative, faith-based media has been profiled by media outlets around the world. 

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.