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Maria Ivina Reveals Why She Loves to Travel

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Philanthropist, entrepreneur, public figure and environmentalist, Maria Ivina loves to travel. She has been to many countries: CIS and Central Asian countries, Middle East countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus), India, Pakistan, Singapore, China, Ethiopia, and Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany). Maria also travelled to the Himalayas.

In a recent interview, she reveals why she loves to travel. According to her, travelling is a form of education which has had a direct positive impact on her life.

“First of all, traveling gets you out of your comfort zone, exposes you to different, unknown cultures, people, traditions, cuisines. So you have a chance to experience and realize how diverse and beautiful our world truly is. Once you start to travel, it’s hard to stop as it is the only way of experiential learning and studying.

“I learned a lot: you met great, new, ancient cultures, you learned to respect different traditions and religions. You have a chance to practice foreign language with native speakers, you start to cook authentically, you become a cosmopolitan person and able to adapt fast. The most profound effect was received in Rome, Italy as it was my first trip abroad when I was 19 . I went for an Italian course there. The sightseeings of this city left me awesome.

“Then of course, there is incredible India, especially the Himalaya mountains and Buddhist monastery. Trip to Ethiopia also impressed me a lot, Cedar woods in Lebanon, meetings ocean in Portugal are unforgettable. Each country and city I visited gave me some special moments and memories. Special place, my home for the last 15 years, is Dubai. It’s one of a kind city in the world,” she narrates.

Maria Ivina is also a yoga expert, a former model,and an aficionado of art, beauty and music. She has undergone training in art, music and yoga/ Maria Ivina has a profound knowledge of Cryptocurrency and trading on the crypto exchange. She is also versed in NFT and Metaverse as well as several areas of digital education

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