Teacher Makes BLM Protest Signs With Four, Five-Year-Olds In Daycare Training Video


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A teacher made Black Lives Matter signs with her students in a video guide promoted to North Carolina daycare workers.

In the video, the teacher makes the sign after reading a children’s book titled “20 Protesters Who Changed America.” The book includes a page on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee during the national anthem before football games in protest of police brutality against black Americans.

“Colin took a knee to support Black Lives Matter,” the teacher said. “This way his way of spreading the word and showing people that things are not fair right now. Things need to change.” (RELATED: Teacher Says He Spins Around While Wearing A Skirt In The Classroom In Training Video For Early Education Workers)

The teacher then gave the children “homework” on the lesson, asking each child to think about what “we as a group of five-year-olds together with your teachers, what can we do to help.”

The teacher said one of the children came up with the idea to “support Black Lives Matter” after the homework assignment. When the teacher said they could get the supplies for the sign tomorrow, she says that the children responded, “no, Nadia, this is really important work. We can’t wait until tomorrow.”

After making the signs and putting them on sticks, they marched around the school with them, even going into other classrooms to “tell them how important black lives are.”

“This is our Black Lives Matter sign, and we have our Black Lives Matter statement,” one of the children says in the video.

Denver Elementary School promoted Black Lives Matter trainings that advocate disrupting the “nuclear family” and directs students to be “transgender affirming” in June 2022. BLM Week was an event promoted by a number of school districts in states from Boston to Seattle and promoted “the 13 values of Black Lives Matter” to students in February 2022.