Chip Roy Introduces Bill To Eliminate Diversity Positions From Pentagon

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas has drafted a new bill that would eliminate diversity leadership positions within the Pentagon.

The bill, titled “Restoring Military Focus Act,” would nix the positions of Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion and ban funds for the creation of similar positions at the Department of Defense.

“The Pentagon’s job is to develop our men and women in the Armed Forces into a united, lethal, and battle-ready force to defeat our enemies and defend our interests,” Roy said in a statement. “It is not supposed to be a woke social engineering experiment wrapped in a uniform. The American people gave House Republicans the power of the purse in November; we need to deliver on our promises and restore mission focus to our Armed Forces.”

The Chief Diversity Officer of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) faced backlash recently after social media posts surfaced in which he compared former President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. The USSOCOM reinstated him after an investigation into his social media posts.

Republican Senators who support the bill, such as Marco Rubio of Florida, have reiterated the need for the military to refocus on its core goals.

“Our military should be focused on protecting our national security, not on promoting woke nonsense,” Rubio said. “The current direction we are heading in is dangerous. If we don’t reverse course, we risk jeopardizing our military strength, national interests and security.”