REPORT: Disney Censors ‘The Simpsons’ Episode In Hong Kong For Referencing ‘Forced Labor’ In China

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James Lynch Contributor
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Disney has reportedly dropped an episode of “The Simpsons” from its streaming platform in Hong Kong for mentioning “forced labor” in China.

The October 2022 episode “One Angry Lisa” was removed from Disney Plus in Hong Kong, Financial Times first reported Tuesday. In the episode, Marge Simpson’s exercise instructor says, “behold the wonders of China. Bitcoin mines, forced labor camps where children make smartphones.”

The U.S. State Department and other international bodies have acknowledged or accused China of committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in its Xinjiang province. (RELATED: Here Are All The Chinese Spy Balloons Detected Since The Trump Administration)

More than one million Uyghurs and other minorities have been sent to internment camps where forced labor, torture, political indoctrination, sexual abuse, forced sterilization and other atrocities have occurred, according to the State Department.

Uyghur activists have also accused China of conducting genocide against their population. The United Nations has accused China of “serious human rights violations” and Human Rights Watch has accused China of “crimes against humanity” towards the Uyghurs. China has denied allegations of human rights violations.

Hong Kong’s autonomy from mainland China was dramatically curtailed by the national security law enacted in 2020 to crack down on pro-democracy protests. Free speech and other liberties have been curtailed and hundreds of pro-democracy activists have been arrested under its provisions.

A trial involving 16 pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong began Monday, with the Chinese authorities accusing the activists of subversion for participating in an unofficial primary election, Reuters reported.