Virginia Lawmakers Approve Bill To Ban Teachers From Hiding A Child’s Gender Transition From Parents


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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The Virginia House approved a bill Tuesday which would prevent teachers from keeping a child’s social transition from their parents.

Sage’s Law is named after a 14-year-old girl who was sex trafficked twice and raped after the state removed her from her parents’ custody to protect her from “misgendering.” In a tearful testimony before the Virginia education committee last week, Sage’s mother, Michele, said that while she and her husband were prepared to use Sage’s masculine name and pronouns, the school and the state still insisted Sage would be harmed by her parents. While fighting for custody, Sage was kept in a male children’s home, where she was repeatedly assaulted.

Sage’s law requires parents be notified if their child socially transitions to another gender, prohibits teachers from hiding that transition and clarifies the meaning of “child abuse” to not include “misgendering.” (RELATED: Virginia Democrats Are Explicitly Arguing Gov’t Should Intervene To Protect ‘Trans’ Kids From Their Families)

The bill passed the House 50 to 48 Tuesday and will be considered by the Virginia Senate.

“Today, 50 Republican Delegates passed Sage’s Law and said NEVER AGAIN will we allow this to happen to another child, while we also closed the door to block judges or social workers who would make parents criminals if they affirm a minor child’s biological sex,” Delegate Dave LaRock, the sponsor of the bill, told the Daily Caller. “All Democrats voted against Sage’s Law, apparently willing to leave the door open to predators by preserving the secrecy in which they thrive.”

“Sage will spend the rest of her life recovering. We can’t undo the harm done to Sage, but we can help protect others.”

Democrat opposition to the bill argued that children who are transgender will be put in harm’s way if they are forcibly outed, potentially leading to physical abuse or homelessness.

“If you want experiences, if you wanna hear lived experiences from the very kids who this bill would affect, go talk to the kids who were kicked out of their homes, and who were beaten for being outed against their own will,” transgender delegate Danice A. Roem said Monday.