REPORT: Officer Involved In Tyre Nichols Beating Shared Photos Of Aftermath

(Photo by Lucy Garrett/Getty Images)

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A police officer involved in the beating of Tyre Nichols took a pair of photos of the bloodied suspect and sent them to multiple people, documents reportedly show.

The officer, Demetrius Haley, is accused of taking the photos with his personal cellphone, which were then sent to 5 other people, The New York Times reported Tuesday. One of the recipients of the photos was allegedly not a member of the police force, according to the report.

The document, obtained by The New York Times, stated that the police propped Tyre Nichols up against a police car while Haley took the photos. The document also said that the officers made fun of and joked about Nichols during the arrest and did not tell him the reason for the traffic stop, according to the report.

“On [Haley’s] personal cell phone, [Haley] took two photographs while standing in front of the obviously injured subject after he was handcuffed,”  the document reportedly read. “[Haley] admitted [he] shared the photo in a text message with five people; one civilian employee, two MPD officers, and one female acquaintance.”

The document also claims that a sixth person managed to get ahold of the photograph, however it does not explain who that person is or how they got ahold of the picture.