Seven States Move Towards Mandatory Age-Verification For Pornography

(Photo: PornHub/ Shutterstock)

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After Louisiana mandated age-verification to view online pornography, seven more states are proceeding to craft similar laws.

The states, Florida, Arkansas, Kansas, South Dakota, West Virginia, Virginia and Mississippi, are moving towards laws that would attempt to make it more difficult for minors to view explicit sexual material. The bills are “virtually identical” to the Louisiana bill, according to Free Speech Coalition, a non-profit trade association of the adult entertainment industry. (RELATED: New State Law Requires Government-Issued ID To Watch Porn)

The Louisiana law mandates that porn sites verify age through an official state driver’s license. The sites are mandated to not hold onto user data. Sites are also held legally liable if they do not comply with the law.

Popular pornography site Pornhub quickly implemented ID requirements from Louisiana users after the state legislature passed a law mandating age-verification, Arstechnica reported.

“Louisiana law now requires us to put in place a process for verifying the age of users who connect to our site from Louisiana. The privacy and security of the Pornhub community is our priority, and we thank you for your cooperation,” the website states, according to Arstechnica.

Pornhub requires Louisiana users to verify their age through uploading a digital copy of their ID through a government-provided app.

Many social conservatives view restriction of online porn as a priority and an important way to protect children.

“Online pornography is extreme and graphic and only one click away from our children. This is not your daddy’s Playboy. And if pornography companies refuse to be responsible, then we must hold them accountable. This law is a first step,” Republican Louisiana state Rep. Laurie Schlegel tweeted.