Black Student GroupMe Calls White People ‘Maggots,’ ‘Pigs’

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: The Reaction with Chrissy Clark

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Students across the nation are facing backlash for a multi-university GroupMe with black student union groups that called white people “maggots,” “vermin” and “roaches,” according to The College Fix.

The GroupMe contained hundreds of derogatory names for white people with favorites including “decomposing form of humanity,” “pigs” and “rats.”

Other examples include “walking Ranch,” “walking napkins,” “translucent people,” “albino pigs,” “not meant to exist,” “delusional lice,” “crack monsters,” “colonizing vultures” and “thin-lipped monkeys.”

This is racism. No matter what woke people try to tell you, it’s racist to hate people because of their skin color.

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