Oklahoma Department Of Wildlife Conservation Roasts Citizens For Being Scared Of Geese


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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We’re not sure who runs the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s social media account, but we want to be their friend.

The Twitter account for the organization went viral Tuesday for writing, “Your ancestors hunted mammoths with a spear, you can walk past a goose on the sidewalk.” But that’s not all.

One user responded to the tweet with a photograph of a goose with a carving knife in its beak. The department followed up, saying, “a goose wouldn’t have the dexterity to effectively use that thing and you KNOW it.” (RELATED: Wait, Who TF Does This Guy Think He Is?)

The saga continued with another user, who shared a photograph of a Canada goose fighting a golfer (and winning). “This is not true, do not listen to this person. No reason to panic,” the department continued. From here, many of the other comments revolved around assuring Twitter users that geese are only 10 pounds, so everyone would be okay and lengthy discourse surrounding the use of spears.

Once you’ve stopped giggling uncontrollably at the utter roasting genius of these simple words, you’ve got to ask yourself: what the heck prompted this tweet?

The easiest way to answer this question was to head on over to the full account. From here, I realized that this type of behavior is nothing new for the legends at Oklahoma’s Wildlife Conservation.

My personal favorite recent Tweet from the account was this one:

I can’t tell if this is a real government organization or not, and I don’t care. The account is legacy verified. It’s also inspired me to go outside today, so I’d rather do that than dig any further on what was just meant to be a funny editorial. I hope it brought a smile to you today! It sure did for me.