‘You Better Be F***ing Sure’: Gay School Superintendent Caught On Hidden Camera Criticizing Transgender Ideology

Project Veritas/Screenshot

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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An assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in Nassau County, New York, was recorded questioning whether children should be introduced to sex and gender ideology in school, hidden camera footage by Project Veritas shows.

East Meadow Schools (EMS) assistant superintendent David Casamento, an openly gay man who appeared to admit to writing curriculum steeped in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), also added he is unsure about teaching minors about sex toys or allowing them to go through irreversible transgender procedures, according to undercover footage from Project Veritas.

“I don’t think that using sex toys is something that’s appropriate at public schools … Because that’s part of expressing their sexuality, and I don’t think that a 10-year-old is ready to express their sexuality,” he stated in the Project Veritas video.

The EMS official also appeared to worry that minors weren’t mature enough to understand the consequences associated with taking hormone blockers or undergoing gender surgeries that often leave patients sterile, with chronic pain, or with deformities, the video showed. Casamento seemed confused about the consequences if they changed their minds, according to the video. “It’s irreversible,” he said of the transgender procedures. “Or if it is? I don’t know.”

“The surgeries. I want to be so supportive, but at the same time, I want people to make good decisions,” Casamento added in the video. “Yeah, I mean, I’m not concerned. I just think that you better be fucking sure, and I don’t think … I know middle school and high school kids, they’re not sure what they are going to wear the next morning,” he continued. (RELATED: Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids)

Casamento also claims to have created a rubric to allegedly prevent the school district from hiring conservatives and says, “politics is basically [his] job now,” Project Veritas reported.

“We do everything by committee. I get a vote on that committee. It’s all a secret. I would rank them so low that their score couldn’t possibly raise them up to the level moving on to the admin, which I then get another stab at it because I am on the cabinet,” Casamento said in the undercover video.

“My passion for this work is – in education, in general – is much more tied to my identity than many people because for many people they have families, and I don’t have – I have a husband. I don’t have children. I don’t have all those other constraints. I am able to really make this a big piece of my life,” Casamento said, according to the Project Veritas footage.

East Meadow Schools did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment by the time of this publication.