Parents Lose Custody Of Child After Releasing Viral Video, Mother Claims

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A woman whose family went viral on social media after she posted a clip of her son and husband playing together claimed Monday that Child Protective Services (CPS) removed the child from her custody.

“[Our son] has been taken from us until CPS can evaluate our home, because I posted a video of my husband and son playing,” USMC Veteran Savannah Glembin said in a tearful TikTok video. The video features Glembin’s husband playing with their child, Gunner, whose chest is wrapped up in cling film. “[He] was laughing and smiling and it was just a funny thing,” Glembin continued.

While some outlets argue Gunner was “tightly wrapped from the neck down,” it’s pretty clear from the video that he wasn’t wrapped around the neck, and definitely not tightly. His legs are also completely free, just his arms are held inside the cling film.

Glembin’s husband jokes in the background that Gunner is “a worm,” as he ensures the child is safe and enjoying himself. There is one small clip towards the end of a commentary compilation put together by a woman called “Aunt Karen,” in which Gunner doesn’t look too thrilled; however, the full video was removed from social media so it remains unclear to most what really happened.

Apparently, the online backlash prompted CPS to intervene, Glembin claimed. “Right now, we’re dealing with a situation where Gunner has been taken from us until CPS can evaluate our home because I posted a video of my husband and son playing.”

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“I made the biggest mistake of my life posting this video. Genuinely and truly he was laughing and smiling and was out of the plastic in under five minutes,” she said. Of course, this wasn’t good enough for the digital world of online trolls, who continued to berate her.

Glembin further noted Gunner is her “miracle baby,” saying she suffered three miscarriages before carrying him to term. (RELATED: Politico Suggests Angelina Jolie Might Be ‘Jane Doe’ In FBI Lawsuit Involving Domestic Violence)

Gunner appears to be safe, healthy and now back in the custody of his parents (as seen in a subsequent video). “Personally think that everyone who says he was in danger doesn’t have a toddler. It’s evident he’s your world,” one user responded in the video Glembin posted of Gunner back in her arms.