Fifth Grader Distributes THC-Laced Candy To Classmates

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A fifth grader distributed THC-laced candy to classmates Tuesday at his school in West Seneca, New York.

Principal Robyn Brandy told fifth-grade parents that Winchester-Potters Elementary School administrators became aware of the situation and launched an internal investigation, WGRZ reported(RELATED: Red State Votes Down Recreational Weed After Years Of Cannabis Chaos)

A school spokesperson told WGRZ that stories of students being sent to the hospital after ingesting the candy were false. The intentions of the student who distributed the candy are unknown, and it remains unclear how he got the candy in the first place.

“We will remain vigilant and increase our education efforts to both children and their families regarding the presence and storage of now legal THC candy in households and the community,” Community Relations Coordinator Elena Cala told WGRZ. “The prevalence of easily available and legal THC candy in the community means that the spillover to schools was inevitable, but it will not be tolerated.”

New York legalized recreational marijuana for adults in March 2021.