Stanford Employee Hit With Felony Charges After Allegedly Lying About Rapes

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A Stanford University employee was arrested and charged with felony perjury for allegedly lying about being sexually assaulted twice last year on the California campus, according to a press release.

Jennifer Ann Gries, 25, was taken into custody after police allege she falsified two reports of rape because she was angry at a co-worker, according to a Wednesday press release from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office. In both instances Gries allegedly applied for financial assistance from the California Victim of Crimes Board (CalVCB) “under penalty of perjury.”

On August 9, 2022, Gries allegedly requested a sexual assault exam at Valley Medical Center and told her attending nurse she was raped by an unknown assailant in a restroom of the Stanford University campus, the press release stated. On October 7, 2022, Gries went to Stanford Hospital and requested another sexual assault exam, allegedly telling the nurse there she had been raped in a storage closet in the basement of the university. In both instances the rape kits were given priority rushes due to the location of the alleged rapes and a concern for public safety, and in both instances the kit results reportedly did not corroborate Gries’ story, the release continued.

Further investigation found Gries had reportedly made a sexual harassment complaint against a co-worker who matched both descriptions Gries had given of the alleged rapist, according to the press release. Gries had reportedly claimed to an acquaintance that she was in a relationship with the co-worker and became pregnant with his twins after an assault. Investigators found no evidence Gries was pregnant.

After being questioned by DA Investigator Sheena Woodland, Gries allegedly wrote an apology letter to the co-worker she had accused, the press release stated.

“This is a rare and deeply destructive crime,” Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen stated in the release. “Our hearts go out to the falsely accused. Our hearts go out to students who had to look over their shoulders on their way to class. Our hearts go out to legitimate sexual assault victims who wonder if they will be believed.” (RELATED: Woman Charged With Making FALSE Rape Accusation That Made Two Men Leave School)

Gries is awaiting arraignment in the Hall of Justice in San Jose. If convicted, she faces jail time, the release stated.