‘More Popular Than I Am’: Biden Defends Budget Proposal, Says It Isn’t ‘Radical’


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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President Joe Biden defended the White House’s proposed budget for 2024 during remarks at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The remarks were made during a talk aimed at discussing the president’s plan to lower prescription drug costs, as his administration announced it would penalize 27 types of drugs for raising prices faster than inflation. (RELATED: ‘I May Be A White Boy, But I’m Not Stupid’: Biden Appears To Crack Joke At Black History Month Event)

“There’s nothing radical about what I’m proposing,” the president said. “If you look at the polling data, it’s overwhelmingly popular, what was proposed.”

“As a matter of fact, it’s a hell of a lot more popular than I am.”

Biden has battled plummeting approval ratings for years now. A Reuters-Ipsos poll published March 8 showed that Biden’s approval rating was at 42%, only a 1% increase from last month. Eighty-one percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s performance, with only 10% of Republicans saying the same thing.

The White House budget, released March 9, called for an end to oil and gas subsidies, and announced new taxes in an attempt to lower the deficit. The budget, which mentioned the word “equity” 63 times, also funds sex change operations for veterans.