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How Alexander Spellane Became America’s Youngest Gold Expert

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He’s not your typical gold expert.

Gold has always been a mainstay of the investing world. In times of economic uncertainty and crisis, gold is considered a smart way to park wealth, as it is free from the volatility and risk of other types of assets.

One person who has followed gold’s value and importance over the last few years is Alexander Spellane, a young entrepreneur and CEO based in Beverly Hills. At just 30 years old, Spellane is one of America’s youngest gold experts, and he credits the yellow metal with giving him financial security at such a young age.

But how did he get here? Let’s take a look at his story:

Spellane developed an interest in precious stones from a young age, as his father loved collecting unique coins. As a result, he took advantage of every chance to increase his knowledge of precious metals. This paid off, and he became successful. Afterward, his love for the sales industry only kept growing, and he later even decided to quit his music career to focus on precious metals.

As a result of this hard work, impeccable leadership, and dedication, Spellane has built a flourishing company( Fisher Capital-one of the USA’s fastest-growing and best-reviewed precious metals retailers) with a strong team. The company offers management, consulting, advisory services, financing, and research for investors seeking to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

In addition to being recognized for its stellar investments, Fisher Capital has been recognized for its remarkable growth. The company has grown from a two-person operation to employing over 20 people.

Spellane attributes this success to his leadership style and focuses on growing the business. He is constantly focused on improving the quality of services offered by Fisher Capital and creating new revenue streams.

To continue growing, we have to adapt our approach continually,” he said. “I believe in building a culture where everyone is engaged in finding ways to improve the company.”

His company also strives to guide and educate first-time precious metals investors and buyers about their options and achieving financial security post-retirement. His company works with a variety of clients looking to diversify their investment portfolios. In addition, Spellane goes the extra mile when catering to clients looking for professional expertise in precious metals. What sets Fisher Capital from its competitors is the zeal to mentor clients to take control of their finances while identifying their individual goals.

His Advice To People Interested In Trading Precious Metals And Coins

Aside from working in the precious metals retail business, Spellane also dedicates his focus and passion to advising and guiding those looking to enter the precious metals industry. 

For anyone looking to get into the precious metals and coins industry, Spellane believes in creating a strong support system from your team and community. Maintaining discipline and building strong work ethics help build up productivity. Also, as a leader, don’t ask your team to do something you can’t do yourself.

Spellane believes it’s important to always be aware of the risks associated with trading in precious metals and coins. You should also be aware of your financial situation when making any investments.

He also encourages those interested in purchasing precious metals to learn about them online. “I try to do my research before I invest so I can make educated decisions,” he said.”If you’re going to invest, it’s important to read up on what each metal is made of and how it’s valued.”  

His predictions on the future of precious metals.

Spellane has made bold predictions about precious metals as one of the world’s youngest gold experts. Spellane has predicted that gold will continue to be a smart way to build security for the future.  

Spellane’s predictions are based on the fact that gold has always been perceived as a good option for storing wealth in times of volatility.  Sometimes its not about how much something appreciates in value, but how to minimize risks.  Spellane is also very vocal about his beliefs, mainly that Americans are investing in companies that don’t share their values. 

Recently Spellane’s company, Fisher Capital, was the Diamond Sponsor of Turning Point USA’s America Fest.  He wants his clients to know that when they choose to do business with Fisher Capital, they are vicariously supporting great programs and organizations that promote conservative values. 

His final remarks on trading precious metals

Alexander believes that buying or selling precious metals can be profitable and satisfying, but it’s not for everyone.  If purchasing precious metals sounds interesting, the best way is to get involved is with a reputable company like  Fisher Capital that can teach you everything you need to know about getting involved with precious metals.