JK Rowling Slams Scottish Politician For Appearing To Mock Activist Who Was Doused With Tomato Soup

(James McCauley/Featureflash/SHUTTERSTOCK)

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J.K. Rowling criticized a Scottish politician Sunday for laughing at a transgender individual dousing a woman with tomato sauce during a women’s rights rally.

Rowling clashed with former Glasgow City councillor Austin Sheridan for having a “laugh” about violence against women, referring to an incident in which British women’s rights activist Posie Parker was doused with tomato soup at a “Let Women Speak” rally. Sheridan responded to the incident by posting a picture of tomato soup on his twitter account with a caption that seemed to mock Parker’s assault.

“Seems that you can’t have a nice wee bit of tomato soup without transphobes getting all worked up about it,” he wrote, along with three laughing emojis. (RELATED: ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Breaks Sales Record For Warner Bros. Games Despite JK Rowling Backlash)

The tweet was eventually deleted, but Rowling posted a screenshot of it and ripped into Sheridan for making light of Parker’s confrontation with pro-trans activists.

“We’ve all met ‘progressive’ men who think male violence against women they don’t agree with is a right old laugh,” Rowling wrote. “What’s new is seeing them being this open about it.”

Sheridan, seemingly unmoved by Rowling’s criticism, doubled-down on his position.

“I won’t be cancelled for standing against lies. I also will never be put off standing up for LGBTQ+ rights,” Sheridan responded.

Rowling has been in the hot seat lately over her views on transgender issues. She previously used the term “trans-identified male” instead of “trans female,” in a rant against allowing transgender people in women’s prisons.