Communist Party Comes Out Against Gender Self-Identification Bill

ANDREJ IVANOV/AFP via Getty Images

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Opponents of the transgender movement might have gained an unlikely ally in their fight: the Communist Party.

The Communist Party of the United Kingdom has officially stated its opposition to Scotland’s Gender Recognition and Equality Law in an official statement. The Gender Recognition and Equality Law overhauls Scotland’s 2004 Gender Recognition Act and would allow Scottish residents to change gender through self-identification rather than a formal medical diagnosis.

The Communist Party argues that although the bill tries to make the lives of transgender people easier, it actually has the opposite effect. Furthermore, the party raised concerns about how the bill could impact organizations, sports, and facilities designated for women. (RELATED: Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Slams Police For Letting Rapists With Penises Identify As Women)

“The Communist Party supports the right of trans people to live free from discrimination and prejudice. This attempt to change the law does nothing for their access to health, medical, housing, advisory and other services sensitive to their needs,” the statement reads.

The party argues that allowing for gender self-identification for Scotland only would complicate the lives of trans people and leave them unsure of where they stand with regard to pensions, social security benefits, and employment protection during pregnancy. A proper bill would have to be universally applied throughout the entire UK, the party claims.

Furthermore, the party claims that trans people would have different legally-recognized identities throughout the UK, which would cause chaos for various organizations and groups.

The refusal to prohibit sex offenders and those with weak evidence of gender dysphoria also chilled the Communist Party on the bill. Women’s safety could be at risk if the bill proceeds as currently stated, the party argues.

“Anyone is eligible who self-identifies into an ‘acquired gender’ and can provide fairly minimal evidence of living in this for at least three months is eligible,” The statement reads.

“Sex offenders and those charged with sexual offences can apply, MSPs having voted down amendments to exclude them. The implications of self-identification as the sole requirement for access to single-sex spaces and facilities are serious when it comes to safeguarding women and children from predatory and abusive behaviour by men who can simply declare themselves to be women,” the statement claims.