RETRACTED: Nashville Shooter Reportedly Underwent Counseling With Pastor Whose Daughter Died In Shooting

(Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Retraction notice:

After publishing this story, the Daily Caller discovered key errors that called into question the article’s central thesis. The subject of this article, based on a single claim by former Covenant School Pastor Jim Bachmann, purported that Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale underwent counseling with the Covenant Presbyterian pastor Chad Scruggs, whose 9-year-old daughter, Hallie, was killed in the shooting.

However, Bachmann later walked back the claim, telling the New York Post that “they were not counseling, actually.” Bachmann confirmed that representatives from the Covenant School had notified him that Scruggs was not counseling Hale, according to the outlet. He added that social media influenced the way he perceived the surveillance footage of Hale released by the Nashville Police Department.

Senior leadership at the Caller regrets the error, and is investigating the editorial processes that led to these mistakes.

The retracted article is archived here.