‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’ Release Confirmed


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The premiere of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” was confirmed for the Cannes Film Festival, with a special tribute announced Monday for lead actor Harrison Ford.

The Cannes film festival confirmed to Variety in late March that the next “Indiana Jones” movie will premiere on May 18. Ford will be honored at the festival, climbing the steps of the Palais des Festivals with a slew of huge names, such as Antonio Banderas, John Rhys-Davies, Boyd Holbrook, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and more, Variety noted in a follow-up article.

The next installment of the “Indiana Jones” franchise was produced by heavy-hitters Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and will apparently be the last time we’ll see Ford in the title role.

The plot is being kept under strict wraps, but the trailer suggests we’ll be introduced to a de-aged Ford as he faces off against Nazis … again. (RELATED: Media Critics Attack Iconic Indie Film ‘Garden State’ And Its Maker Zach Braff. His Response Is Absolutely Perfect)

It’s unclear who in the audience has demanded another “Indiana Jones” film. It’ll probably get a lot of butts in theater seats (depending on the economy at that time, of course). But with the heartbreak of the previous movie, “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull,” it feels like a big risk for the studio.

But the trailer, for whatever reason, sent a chill down my spine. For some reason, I have a huge amount of hope for Ford. He’s seen so much incredible success in recent months, with his co-leading roles in “1923” and “Shrinking,” that I hope he isn’t forced to close out this iconic franchise in any other way than brilliantly.

You can watch the first trailer here, and we’ll see it in theaters on June 30!