Police Officer Wipes Out While Attempting To Charge At Protesters

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A French police officer tripped and fell while attempting to charge at protesters who are fighting for pensions, according to social media posts.

Protesters have been demonstrating after the government voted to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64, with the government using constitutional powers to bypass the parliament and avoid a vote, according to CNN Business. The government reportedly argued the move was necessary to prevent a deficit.

Protesters have begun protesting outside of BlackRock, an asset management firm, despite it having no part in the pension reform, according to CNN Business. Some protesters managed to make their way inside the building with smoke flares.

Video shows dozens of officers in unison charging protesters when one female officer is seen falling face first into the ground. (RELATED: ‘Bring The Economy To Its Knees’: Protestors Blockade France’s Oil Refineries Over Pension Reform)

Some protesters became violent and smashed in windows of banks before skirmishing with police, Reuters reported.

One officer was reportedly struck on the helmet by a rock and briefly lost consciousness, according to the report. Paris police have reportedly said 77 police force members were injured while 31 individuals were arrested.

Police have begun deploying tear gas as of Thursday, according to the Associated Press.