KASH PATEL: Did Bragg Unlawfully Use Taxpayer Money For The Bogus Trump Indictment? Congress Needs To Find Out

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Kash Patel Contributor
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A former president, a current political candidate, and an American businessman has taken yet another bullet of injustice from the two-tier system of justice that plagues America in 2023. The indictment of President Donald J. Trump is one of the greatest mistakes an opposing political party has ever made. But the politics of this is secondary to the blatant disregard for the rule of law and its equal application. The pattern of injustice has been printed from Russiagate to Jan. 6, the Biden classified document scandal, and now to Alvin Bragg.

The radical left was able to effectively galvanize Bragg to carry out a baseless campaign finance case against a former president and political candidate. The FEC Commissioner himself, James E. Trainor, has rejected the case as a campaign finance violation.

I am a former federal prosecutor and public defender. Here’s the bottom-line up front: you need not be a lawyer to understand this indictment’s lack of criminal charge. Bragg himself failed to identify the crime the ledger payments must be tied to in order to satisfy the elements of the law he purports President Trump violated. In a press conference, Bragg blatantly stated, “the law does not so require …” Setting even that aside, the indictment states the money that was allegedly paid out by Trump was private funds, not from funds from a campaign finance account. Thus, how can he be guilty of a felonious campaign finance conspiracy to interfere with a presidential election? John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all used campaign finance funds. Were they found guilty? The answer is obvious thanks to our two-tier system of justice.

This two-tier system of justice has now exploded onto the state level judicial system. Its abhorrent abuse was once reserved solely for the feds via Rod Rosenstein, Merrick Garland, and Chris Wray alike.

Alvin Bragg, a state prosecutor has now charged a federally elected official with an election fraud crime. That means any state prosecutor could charge any one member of Congress with a bogus, made-up crime. This should alarm every member of Congress the next time they get a haircut, hire a car service, or take an advisor out to dinner. Who do you think picks up the tab? It’s the campaigns. Why do you think no one is ever prosecuted for it?

Congress’ constitutional oversight role here is critical. Congress must start issuing subpoenas immediately for the underlying documentation and work-up of Bragg’s case. He himself admitted using at least $5,000 in federal funds to prosecute Trump. If Congress ever had a reason to investigate, it’s the abuse and possible unlawful utilization of federal taxpayer dollars to concoct a legal fiction.

Jim Jordan took a step in the right direction and sent a clear message to Alvin Bragg by issuing a subpoena to Mark Pomerantz, a former New York County District Attorney. This is the former prosecutor who led the investigation into President Trump’s finances before resigning. Many more subpoenas for witnesses and documents must follow, from all committees of jurisdiction.

Bragg initiated the specter of justice. It is now time to use actual justice during the discovery process to show the world the baseless prosecution that was built on fraudulent evidence and corrupt witnesses. This is the only way to expose the actual corruption of the system.

This was not only an indictment against President Trump himself, but this was an indictment against the American people. It comes as no surprise that in the aftermath of Trump’s indictment he holds his biggest lead in the polls yet over Biden. America has responded, now so must Congress.

Time and time again, President Trump has withstood baseless attacks from the mob, the media, and corrupt government gangsters. What the Democrats have failed to see is when they attack Trump, they are attacking every citizen in this country. Donald J. Trump is the juggernaut of American justice. It’s now time to destroy the two-tier system of justice in this country under his leadership. Who else in government will rise to the occasion?

Kash Patel served as the lead investigator for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s Russian collusion investigation and Deputy Director of National Intelligence in the Trump administration. He has also published a children’s book called “The Plot Against the King” and his most recent book, “Government Gangsters.”

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.