You Won’t Be Able To Sleep After Learning How Vulnerable We Are In ‘Grid Down, Power Up’

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Dennis Quaid went viral in early April after he appeared on Fox News to promote his documentary “Grid Down, Power Up.” So, I decided to watch it, and now I can’t sleep.

The documentary, narrated by Quaid, focuses on the vulnerabilities facing the American power grid and the risks posed by failures to upgrade facilities to withstand physical attacks from terrorists and our immediate cosmos. While it is definitely not the best-made documentary I’ve ever seen, it is arguably the most important piece of informative entertainment in modern history.

“Grid failure is a real and imminent threat, a devastatingly deadly occurrence leading to life-threatening shortages of heat, food, and water. If protective measures are not taken, we will experience catastrophic failures leaving citizens in states of starvation, death, destruction, and darkness for months,” the documentary’s official website describes, and its spot on.

At only an hour long, “Grid Down, Power Up,” packs a serious punch with its data. A majority of the content focuses on how the vulnerabilities in our power grid are obvious. So much so, that external actors like China, Russia, or just about anyone, could plunge America into darkness for extended periods of time. If such an event were to occur, millions would die from loss of food, water, and medication.

The main attacks described in the movie include those similar to the substation shoot-ups that have occurred hundreds of times in the last few years. Another risk emphasized by Quaid is an EMF attack from foreign governments.

He additionally noted the risk posed by our closest star, the sun, should a major solar storm occur. To learn more about this phenomenon, check out my many, many articles about this threat. (RELATED: Did Flight Systems Go Down Because Of Solar Storms? Well …)

All of these risks are prevalent today. And they don’t have to be. “Grid Down, Power Up,” argues that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Energy (DOE), and Defense (DOD), and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency can upgrade our grid to withstand attack. But lobbyists from the energy sector seemingly do everything possible to stop these upgrades from happening, and it’s completely unclear why.

I personally believe that documentaries like this should be shown everywhere, from mainstream television to in classrooms. It’s totally unacceptable that the data presented in this brilliant film is far from common knowledge, especially as it presents one of the greatest threats to every single American alive today.