Phillies Hold ‘Dollar Dog Night’ During Loss Against Rival Marlins, Fanbase Responds By Throwing Franks At Field

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Ahh… God bless, Philadelphia.

What happens when you combine the city of Philadelphia, their National League champion Phillies struggling to start out a new season, and dollar dog night (where hot dogs are being sold for just $1 a pop)?

If you guessed utter chaos, you would be 100% correct, because that’s exactly what happened Tuesday night.

The Phillies took an 8-4 defeat to the Miami Marlins, and not just that, but Marlins infielder Luis Arráez hit the first cycle in franchise history for the Fish. Well, while the Phillies were busy taking the L, their fanbase was absolutely livid — so livid they took all of the franks they got from dollar dog night and started tossing them at the field.

However, most of the food and hot dog wrappers went into the stands.

And while we’re on the subject of the Phillies’ dollar dog night, check out the insane lines they were dealing with:

Moments like this are why I can’t help but to have love for Philadelphia. (RELATED: Baltimore Orioles Unveil Sprinkler Celebration Just A Day After Showing Off The Dong Bong)

Shoutout to Philly, man.