Student Says She Needed Security Guard At School Due To Classmates Threatening Her Life Over Conservative Views


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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A student at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, detailed on Wednesday how her life was threatened after she voiced her pro-life views on campus.

Skylar Culbertson said she was doxxed and threatened after she hosted a table with campus pro-life group Tribe for Life where she advocated for pro-life principles. She claimed the college is “not really doing anything” to protect her, and that at one point she had to have a security guard with her during a presentation on abortion in one class. Skylar also detailed what happened to her in an op-ed at College Fix posted March 31. (RELATED: LGBTQ Group Study Finds That Kids Who ‘Come Out’ Younger Are At Greater Suicide Risk)

“We saw what happened at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Kristen [Hawkins] was harassed. And then again with Riley Gaines in San Francisco, so yeah, it’s happening all across the country,” Skylar said on “The Ed Morrissey Show.” “And it’s crazy that people feel that they need to resort to violence to get across their social goals.”

“Last semester there were several students on this synonymous platform, Yik Yak that were actually posting my location. So whenever they would see me on campus, they would be like, ‘Skyler is here at this coffee shop, she’s at the science center.’ So I even had to have a security guard for one of my events, just to give a presentation on abortion for one of my classes.”

Skylar said she went undercover in a Planned Parenthood group chat of students, and found they were posting photos of her Instagram and sharing personal information about her. The experience has made her more conservative, she said

“I was like, oh my gosh, indoctrination is not just a right-wing talking point — it’s real! And ever since then, I pretty much changed,” she said. “Now I consider myself pretty much like a MAGA Republican, about as far right as you can get, all thanks to the craziness of William and Mary and the liberals.”