Redfield Said CDC Let Their Political Views Cloud Judgment

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said Wednesday on Fox News that the CDC let their political biases cloud their judgment when working with former President Donald Trump to tackle the pandemic.

“They said because President Trump felt one way, the CIA would go a different direction. Was there that much tension that you noticed between what Trump was saying and what the scientific community was willing to do?” host Brian Kilmeade asked.


“Yeah, I think so,” Redfield said. “I think you have to realize, in the CDC, much of our government apparatus were nonpolitical careers. Many of them, unfortunately, had their own view about President Trump. It’s very disappointing that the CIA would take that position. And I could hear from Director Ratcliffe, he was quite disappointed that the agency didn’t act more objectively and allow their political leanings to get into some of their decision-making.”

Redfield also said that Dr. Anthony Fauci was a liar before saying that while he doesn’t like to use the word “conspiracy,” “if there was any conspiracy it was a decision to approach a single narrative that this came from a wet market.” (RELATED: John Ratcliffe Testifies Lab Leak Is Only ‘Credibly Supported’ Explanation For COVID-19)

“We have no further evidence of the wet market … and we have substantial evidence that this most likely came from the lab.” Redfield said the question of the lab leak could have been solved by the scientific community in 2020 but now the intelligence community must do so.