Teacher Who Showed LGBT-Themed Disney Film In Classroom Accuses Concerned Parents Of Not Loving Their Children


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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A teacher under investigation for showing a movie with LGBT themes to 10-year-olds said at a school board meeting that concerned parents may not love their children.

Teacher Jenna Barbee of the Hernando County, Florida School District is under investigation by the Florida Department of Education after showing “Strange World,” which features a gay character who has a crush on another man, in her classroom.

The teacher posted about the controversy on TikTok, accusing critics of trying to “get rid of every form of representation out of our schools.” Barbee said that she had signed permission slips from parents to show PG rated movies. (RELATED: Starbucks Blasted For Exporting Transgenderism To India In New Ad Campaign)

Barbee accused school board member Shannon Rodriguez of holding “outdated beliefs” during a May 9 school board meeting. She said Rodriquez was doing “her best to get me removed from the classroom for showing a Disney movie.”

“I tell my students every day that I love them cuz they don’t hear it at home. I pray Shannon’s child doesn’t end up being gay, because then she won’t hear it at home either. People like her are the problem.”

Rodriguez responded later in the meeting.

“Ms. Barbee chose to show a PG movie without approval,” Rodriguez said, adding that when she brought the showing of the movie to the attention of the school principal, she informed her the movie had not been approved.

“While Ms. Barbee is busy taking the light off herself and playing the victim, the real victims are our children,” she said.

The incident occurred in a school district that allegedly failed to inform parents after a transgender-identified teacher threatened to shoot up her classroom in late March.

Parents told the Daily Caller the teacher was back in the classroom the next day, and they were not aware of the incident until reading a local news story. The school vowed to investigate how the incident was handled weeks after it occurred, once the Florida Department of Education reached out about the matter.