Yellowstone Park Rangers Find Woman’s Body In Car


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Yellowstone National Park rangers on Saturday discovered a woman’s body inside of a man’s car three miles south of the Old Faithful geyser.

Yellowstone rangers responded to an incident on Saturday night in Craig Pass, where they found a single vehicle had driven into a snowbank, according to a release from the park shared on Facebook. When rangers arrived at the scene, they found a man standing outside of the vehicle, and located the body of a female inside.

The man was detained and then arrested for possession of drugs, as well as other traffic-related charges, the statement noted. Investigators are now working to determine what happened prior to the woman’s death, and what caused it.

The scene took 24 hours to process through Sunday evening, when it was reopened to the public. The National Park Service (Investigative Services Branch and Yellowstone Law Enforcement Division), with support from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Attorney’s Office, and Teton County Coroner’s Office are all taking part in the investigation. (RELATED: Camera Catches Mysterious Beast Roaming In Texas, Officials Ask For Public’s Help)

No further information on the situation was released, nor the individual’s identities, pending a next-of-kin notification. It’s unclear whether the man was arrested in connection with the woman’s death, or what caused the rangers to respond to the scene initially.