Authorities Thwart 78-Year-Old Millionaire’s Alleged Jail Break To French Castle, Police Say

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Police in Florida said Monday that they thwarted a 78-year-old man’s alleged plan to escape from prison and run to France.

John Manchec, a dual citizen of the U.S. and France, previously fled to France following child-pornography charges in 2014, however he was captured and returned to the United States, The Associated Press (AP) reported. Police thwarted Manchec once again after they received a tip that sparked a two-month investigation.

“Essentially, the plan comes down to this. These folks that are on the outside are going to wait until Manchec has a doctor’s visit, and they are going to take out our corrections staff while he’s out at the medical facility,” Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers said, according to The AP.

The plan involved Manchec’s plane, a 140-foot yacht and multiple vehicles that he had bought specifically for the escape, Wral News reported. One of the men involved, Byron Harvey, was even living in Manchec’s old home in preparation for the escape. (RELATED: Government Trackers Missed A Thousand In-Custody Deaths Last Year, Report Says)

Manchec was originally arrested in 2014 on 49 child pornography charges. He posted the $500,000 bond and later flew to the south of France, where he owns a Medieval estate, The AP reported.

The 78-year-old remains in Indian River County Jail and has been charged with attempted escape. Four other suspects have been arrested, according to The AP.