REPORT: Meghan Markle Accused Of Faking Her Own Podcast Interviews

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Megan Markle is facing backlash after a recent report alleged she faked her own podcast and did not conduct interviews for “Archetypes.”

The allegations suggest Markle’s staff conducted the interviews with her podcast guests and clipped in audio of Markle’s voice asking the questions prior to streaming, according to The New York Post. Podnews reported the Duchess of Sussex had no direct involvement in the interviews just a short time after it was announced that Spotify and Archewell had decided to part ways with Markle, effectively putting the brakes on her entire podcast, according to The New York Post.


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Speculation about Markle ‘s direct involvement in podcast interviews began circulating when writer Allison Yarrow promoted her segment on the show. She shared a post to her account in August saying she was “excited to be included in the visionary series.” The post included a photograph of Yarrow standing in front of Gimlet Media, an audio production house which is not the home of Markle’s podcast.

“Cheers to producer @farrahsafari (an excellent interviewer) and the folks at @Gimlet @spotify who get it done!” Yarrow wrote to her caption.

The Daily Mail picked up on the discrepancy and published an article in November suggesting Markle’s explanations and comments were interwoven into the podcast audio — her limited hands-on involvement with the episode.

Senior Spotify Executive Bill Simmons recently shared his thoughts on the famous couple by calling Markle and Prince Harry “fucking grifters,” according to The Guardian. (RELATED: Meghan Markle Admits Thinking Paris Hilton Was A ‘Bimbo’)

Neither Markle nor Prince Harry have come forward to defend their position, nor have they publicly commented on the allegations against Markle.

It remains unclear if another streaming service will pick up Markle’s “Archetypes” podcast, or if it is officially being put to rest.