California Family Sells 1 Million Copper Pennies Found In Relative’s Home

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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A California family hit the jackpot when they sold one million pennies found in a relative’s home.

The estimated value of the pennies was reportedly $10,000, but the family set the price at more than twice their value. An anonymous buyer took the pennies off of their hands for an amount that left the family “more than satisfied,” KTLA reported Tuesday. (RELATED: Ancient Discovery Unearthed From Land Designated For Popular Supermarket Chain)

“There were some people that were legit, bonafide, really good prospects that I had just completely missed,” John Reyes said, according to KTLA. “Because of the influx of messages that I received, it was just overwhelming.”

The pennies were discovered in a crawlspace where John’s wife, Elizabeth Reyes, her sister, cousins, and their spouses were renovating her late father Fritz’s house, according to the outlet.

Fritz reportedly collected the copper coins prior to the United States’ switch from copper to zinc-coated steel pennies, hoping that the coins would increase in value over time, the outlet reported.

“It’s genuinely a really, really nice relief just to be able to have the goal accomplished for the family, and at the same time what we believe to be the right buyer for them,” John said, KTLA reported.

The family kept some of the pennies to remember Fritz and the discovery that changed their lives, according to the outlet.