Mother Featured In Daily Caller Documentary Tells Fox News How She Saved Daughter From Trans Ideology


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Erin Friday, the mother at the center of the Daily Caller’s new documentary, “Groomed,” appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” Friday night.

Friday spoke with guest host Pete Hegseth about her daughter’s struggle with gender ideology. Hegseth asked Friday about the moment she realized her daughter had been “captured” by the ideology.

Friday explained that she came to the realization something was amiss when her daughter and her friends started talking about their sexual labels and “none of them picked heterosexual.” She claims her daughter began to play with different sexual and gender identities after taking a sex education course at school. (RELATED: The Clinical Steps To Grooming Kids Match Exactly How They’re Being Taught In Schools)

“They kind of giggled at me when they called me ‘cis,'” Friday said.

She said that she saw number of girls from the school start to identify as boys and others began to use they/them pronouns. She called the issue “pervasive.”

“Half of her girl scout troop came out as trans. It’s not organic. This is being foisted on these kids. These kids are being confused by school,” Friday said.

She asserted that once girls start publicly identifying as transgender on social media, it becomes a “calling card” to pedophiles and groomers. She went on to explain that it is nearly “impossible to stop the indoctrination” into gender ideology if a child owns a device that allows them to connect to social media.

Friday advised other parents to “take away that phone, take away the internet” if they suspect their child is falling prey to the ideology.

Friday shared her story in the Daily Caller’s documentary, “Groomed,” which details her struggle to wrestle her daughter away from gender ideology. The documentary explains that Friday’s daughter was heavily influenced by school, social media, and even anime to adopt a transgender identity.

Friday acknowledged that her daughter was being bullied at school, which increased her emotional isolation and vulnerability to gender ideology. She states that her daughter found comfort in communicating with trans-identified adults on social media. The documentary also details how groomers have successfully infiltrated the public school system and use it to indoctrinate children.