Kirby Rushes Away From Podium After Reporter Presses On Hunter Biden Texts

[Screenshot/White House press briefing]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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White House national security spokesperson John Kirby quickly left the briefing room after dodging a question about Hunter Biden’s text messages Friday.

Newsmax chief White House correspondent James Rosen questioned Kirby about the House Ways and Means Committee releasing testimony from two Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowers. The testimony included a WhatsApp message sent by Biden on July 30, 2017, to Henry Zhao, reading, “I am sitting here with my father [President Joe Biden] and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.”

Biden allegedly threatened Zhao, a Chinese businessman, if he did not abide by his “direction” in the message, and claimed he was sitting next to his father.

“So just a couple of questions about this. First, does this not undermine the president’s claim during his 2020 campaign and the reaffirmations of that claim by his two press secretaries since then that he never once discussed his son’s overseas business dealings?” Rosen asked.

“No, I’m not gonna comment any further on this,” Kirby said, leading several reporters to start yelling out questions about the matter.


“James, let me save you some breath if you’re gonna ask about this. I am not addressing—I know you do, more than I’d like you to have. I am not gonna address this issue from this podium,” Kirby said. (RELATED: Reporter Presses Jean-Pierre On Hunter Biden Investigation)

Daily Caller White House correspondent Diana Glebova blurted out, “Why not? Why won’t you speak to that?” and New York Post White House correspondent Steven Nelson asked, “Where was Joe Biden on the day of the text message?”

Kirby then left the podium without addressing the issue any further.

Biden claimed during his 2020 campaign that he had never discussed his son’s overseas business dealings after reports came out about his laptop that had previously been falsely discredited by tech companies and corporate media.

Whistleblowers testified to the Ways and Means Committee about both the Department of Justice and IRS’ alleged involvement in shutting down any prosecution of the president’s son despite finding evidence of tax violations before the 2020 presidential election.