Disney’s Diversity Diva Exits

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Disney Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton is reportedly leaving the company after she spent six years trying to woke-ify and destroy it, per the New York Post.

This is the woman who got rid of the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” because it wasn’t an inclusive way to start the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Under Newton’s tenure, Disney also ditched fairy godmothers and pushed for gender-neutral titles at its dress-up boutiques for little girls. Disney even did away with the seven dwarves because it was “denigrating to those in the dwarfism community.”

Data from an Axios and Harris poll ranked Disney as the fifth most polarizing company. So, congrats, Latondra, you made one of the most wholesome organizations into a woke sh*t show.

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