Get Prepared For A Year Of Reruns If The Writer’s Strike Doesn’t End By Friday

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Hollywood writers, arguably the most overpaid creatives within the intelligence community, are currently on strike, and their action could lead to an all-out shut down of the entertainment industry by July 1, 2023.

The Writers Guild of America strike started in early May. Within days, members of the Screen Actors Guild were threatening to join their so-called colleagues (I’ve yet to meet a Hollywood writer who genuinely likes actors on a personal level). SAG members are currently in the middle of their own contract negotiations, and if things don’t go well, they could easily join the WGA action as early as July 1, 2023, after their contracts expire on June 30, according to the SAG website.

So, what does that mean for us at home? Well, we definitely won’t see any new seasons of our favorite shows within the next year or so. With more than half of 2023 already over and done with, there literally isn’t enough time to write, shoot, edit, and release most of the best television we were waiting for this year.

That also means that the real people who make these shows happen — the crew, caterers, and thousands of other support staff — will also be without work for the rest of the year (potentially).

While I’m all for people standing up to set their professional and personal boundaries, the sheer ignorance of both writers and actors, WGA and SAG leaders, with regard to their behavior somewhat blows my mind at this point.

These people get paid more than nurses, mothers, teachers — basically every other individual who serves an actual, essential purpose to the people around them. But who cares: they want more, and they’re willing to hurt everyone around them until they get what they want.

I wasn’t going to write this piece until I found out that SAG, WGA, and those related to the strike do care about one thing though … the fact that Kim Kardashian is currently filming for the next season of “American Horror Story,” according to Insider. (RELATED: The Last Time Hollywood Writers Went On Strike, Trump Got Elected President. Yes, Really)

Apparently people were appalled that Kardashian, who works her gigantic ass off, was filming during the strike, as if it has anything to do with her. The next season of “AHS” was written well before the strike was called, and probably went into production before it officially started.

It might be one of the only new shows we get this year except for “The Kardashians.” In fact, we all might want to get ready for a lot more reality television in the coming months. (RELATED: Sony Pictures Pulls ‘El Muerto’ Spider-Man Movie Starring Bad Bunny From Release Schedule)

It could be that Kim K, her sisters, and those like her, are the ones who swoop in and save the day for those thousands of crew and support staff desperately in need of employment while actors and creative writers continue to cry about wanting more money.