Man Cries As Cops Arrest Guy Who Threatened His Family, Resurfaced Body Cam Video Shows

[Twitter/Screenshot-User: CatchUpFeed]

Lyrah Panarigan Contributor
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Resurfaced body camera footage shows a white victim sobbing as police arrest a black man who had allegedly brandished a knife and threatened to stab his family. 

The incident took place in Georgia on May 18, 2022, with the unidentified black suspect being escorted by police with handcuffs. The video then shows the white man approaching the police, who asked him to fill out a statement form. 

“I don’t want him arrested, I just want him to leave us alone,” the victim responded. To his displeasure, the policewoman stated that the black man had a weapon on him and made terroristic threats, which resulted in his arrest. (RELATED: VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: America Wakes Up To Woke)

“If I thought you were going to arrest him, I wouldn’t have called,” the man continued. “I just wanted him to leave us alone.”

Choking up, he told police that he was afraid the victim would “think that I’m doing this because I’m white and he’s black, or he’s homeless and I’m not.” The suspect was taken to Dekalb County Jail and charged with simple assault and terroristic threats, according to a subtitle on the body cam video.