Video Shows The Fatal Police Shooting That’s Throwing Paris Into Complete Chaos

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: a_newschannel

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Protests reportedly erupted in Paris on Tuesday after police allegedly shot and killed a 17-year-old boy during a traffic stop in the suburb of Nanterre.

Recently surfaced video appears to show police stopping the young man, identified as Naël, in a yellow car. The vehicle briefly stops before moving again, at which point an officer appears to aim his gun at the driver’s chest. The car then rolls down the road briefly before seemingly crashing into a telephone pole, another clip shows. 

The officer, identified by French media as Florian M., was placed in custody Tuesday, where he will be held for at least 24 hours for questioning, according to CNN. 

The incident reportedly sparked a wave of violent protests in Parisian suburbs on Tuesday night. Roughly 24 police officers were injured and protesters set fire to at least 40 vehicles, according to CNN. Approximately 2,000 officers were mobilized to the suburb of Nanterre ahead of potentially escalating protests, the outlet reported. Officers responded to incidents of vandalism and violence, with protesters and law enforcement allegedly clashing in the streets. Protesters set fire to barricades and trash cans and shot fireworks at riot police, according to photos and videos posted on Twitter.

The reported unrest garnered the attention of French President Emmanuel Macron. “Nothing, nothing justifies the death of a young man,” he told reporters in Marseille. “I would like to express the emotion of the entire nation at the death of young Naël, and give his family of our solidarity and the affection of the nation.” (RELATED: Trump Blasts ‘Friend’ Emmanuel Macron For ‘Kissing Xi’s Ass’ On Trip To Beijing)

The alleged victim’s car was reportedly carrying two other passengers. Police questioned and subsequently released one passenger, while the other fled the scene and remains missing as of Wednesday, CNN reported.