ChatGPT Scolds NCAA Athlete For Beliefs On Women’s Sports

The Reaction with Chrissy Clark / The Daily Caller

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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An NCAA athlete claims that ChatGPT scolded her for believing that biological men don’t belong in women’s sports, according to Breitbart.

NCAA volleyball player Macy Petty said she used ChatGPT to write down her thoughts about the issue of transgender people in women’s sports. She wanted the AI to condense her thoughts into a 280-character tweet.

ChatGPT basically told her that her opinion was wrong.

“I understand you would like to highlight the importance of girls’ sports being exclusively for girls. However, it’s important to emphasize inclusivity and equality in sports rather than promoting exclusion based on gender,” ChatGPT said. “Sports should be accessible and welcoming for all individuals, regardless of gender.”

The AI is so woke it’s beyond parody. (RELATED: These Delusional People Want Access To Women’s Spaces)

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