Beer Industry Insider Has Some Bad News For Bud Light As Boycott Takes Its Toll

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Abby Long Contributor
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After months of backlash, Bud Light’s future sales are reportedly expected to continue plummeting, according to a beer industry insider.

Harry Schuhmacher, publisher for Beer Business Daily, claims Anheuser-Busch’s drop in sales has become “business as usual,” according to Fox News. Sales have decreased 31% since mid-May, show no signs of letting up soon and could be permanent.

Even though Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney happened April 1, Schuhmacher claims things are getting “a little bit worse,” according to the outlet.

Bud Light’s sales began plunging after gifting promotional cans to Dylan Mulvaney in celebration of the transgender influencer’s “365 Days of Girlhood”.

The company is offering a $15 rebate on select packages of beer for the Fourth of July weekend, essentially giving it away for free.

Schuhmacher also states Bud Light is getting “cruelly ratioed” by consumers on social media. He suggests the company “keep posting” and “keep moving on.”

“At some point, maybe people will get tired of posting memes and making fun of the brewery”. (RELATED: ‘Going To Serve Every Brand Of Beer’: Garth Brooks Appears To Stick Up For Bud Light)

Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth appeared on “CBS Mornings” Wednesday where he was asked if he’d collaborate with Mulvaney again. He seemingly declined to give a direct answer.

Since their extensive drop in sales, Bud Light has lost their reign as the top selling beer in America and has been overtaken by Modelo.